Company overview

Company overview

CEO Lennart Bollen




We provide consulting activities for companies inside and outside Japan regarding trade and distribution activities. Eurasia Trading takes a low cost local approach to its activities and is staffed by talented employees with experience in sales, distribution and supply channels.
Other than this we provide consulting activities for companies interested in setting up branches in Japan with regards to Human Resources, set up office, marketing, internet marketing and regulatory issues.
Many foreign companies often fail in Japan because of lack of understanding of the local environment and run into high regulatory, hiring, marketing and distribution costs. Today’s business environment in Japan is very tough one; deflation pressure means price pressure for importers, extensive regulation is sometimes confusing. However the second largest economy still provides for efficient and fast administration 10’s of millions of capital powerful consumers with a taste for foreign products, advanced technology and many talented entrepreneurial business partners
Our consulting activities go from Finance, Machinery to Food and Beverage. Clients are stock listed to small size companies.
Our projects go from advisory only to distribution independently the product itself as of own activity or to arrange imports or production of products from Japan.
We keep pride in protecting our business interests and strategic information regarding our clients so feel free to contact us.


Company name Eurasia Trading Co.,Ltd.
Head Office Eurasia Trading Co.,Ltd
Address Post code 135-0034
1-10-11 Eitai Koutou-ku Tokyo Japan
TEL +81-3-6458-8626
FAX +81-3-6458-8627
Paid in capital 9 million
Company activities - Distribution and sales
- HR consulting
- Regulatory consulting
- Marketing consulting
- Internet consulting
- Production consulting
Main bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd.
Trade partners Brewery HAACHT N.V.
C.H. Robinson Europe B.V.